Dave Kirk – National Sales Manager

Dave Kirk – National Sales Manager

Dave Kirk – Mission Statement – “To be all I was created to be and to help those around me do the same.”

This mission has taken on its own personna. It has led me to over 20 years in Business Financial service. Plus this mission led me to receiving Bachelor and Master’s Degrees in Voice, singing twice in Carnegie Hall NY. Starting churches in the US and being a recognized Public Speaker.

My goal here at ACHWorks is to help business owners and their staff achieve more. Whether in their personal or business life, whether in a group setting or one-on-one, this is the goal. And by doing this, we become the best for our industry.

When at work you will hear me trying to get to know the people I am speaking with. I have found in life that when we talk, we do not learn anything. But when we listen new treasures and new knowledge flow from the people we listen to.

When not at work, I have an insatiable desire to learn about this “life” thing. We live in a beautiful place that rivals anywhere else in the world for mountains (Sierra), lakes (Tahoe), farming (WINE!!). Those pursuits are plenty. Often the best enjoyment comes just relaxing in a wonderful setting and enjoying friends and family.

I try to live by this Scottish proverb – “Were it not for Hope the heart would break.”