Yes, you can see how this works before becoming a client. We have several video demos showing how the system operates. And we have an interactive demo for the ACHWorks Virtual Terminal so you can get a feel for how to enter a transaction to be processed in the ACH system.

Creating a Single ACH Transaction

This will show you exactly the steps to go through to submitting a “one-time” single transaction in the ACH system. This video is great to be viewed by clients and those just wanting to understand the ACH system process.

Scheduled Transactions

This video shows how to View, Edit and even Delete transactions you have ready to go. This is an important video for clients wanting to feel more confident in the files and transactions they send.

Status of Transactions Processed through the ACH

What happens after an ACH transaction is submitted for processing? This video will show you how to find out just what the status is of a transaction, and what that means to you as the ACHWorks client.

Edit Customer

Things change…even account information. This video will show the step by step process to make changes in your ACHWorks customer information. As with everything, it’s easy once you know how to do it, right?

Creating Recurring Transactions

One of the best features to the ACHWorks ACH processing is the ability to establish recurring transactions. This video will show the user what steps are involved in submitting an ACH transaction that has a recurring nature, ie: subscriptions, loan payments, etc.

Recurring Plan: Managing Recurring Transactions

Watch this video to learn how to manage your recurring transactions. Some steps include: editing a transaction, tracking settlement, editing frequency or amounts of transactions. This is a helpful tutorial for any user in industries with recurring portfolios of clients.

AFTER viewing the above tutorials, please call ACHWorks for telephone training or to answer your questions regarding what you saw at : 916.638.8811 option 2, then option 2