ACH Payments

The ACHWorks Virtual Terminal is an online payment portal you can use to create and manage your ACH payments.

Transactions can be created in a variety of ways to fit any business application.

Enter transactions as single or automatic recurring payment plans.

Import payments from spreadsheets or NACHA formatted files.

Have payments automatically inserted from your website using the ACHWorks Checkout plug-in or integrate with our powerful API.

  • ACH Code Definition
  • PPD Consumer Electronic Fund Transfers (Debit/Credit)
  • CCD Business Electronic Fund Transfers (Debit/Credit)
  • RCK Electronic resubmission of NSF consumer paper checks
  • TEL EFT transactions that have been authorized over the telephone
  • WEB EFT transactions that have been authorized over the Internet
  • ARC Checks that have been received in the mail and are converted into ACH debits
  • POP Checks that are accepted at the point of sale and are converted into ACH debits
  • BOC Checks presented at store or manned bill payment location; converted later in the “back office”

Manage payments through intuitive screens to edit existing payments, track payment status and run reports.

Payment details can be exported to ASCII formatted files, CSV, or QuickBooks IIF (for import to QuickBooks).

Configure automatic notification emails when certain events occur, such as payments returning, or receiving a transaction from ACHWorks Checkout on your website.