ACHWorks Checkout

Payment system that allows your customers to send you a payment through your website

ACHWorks Checkout is a payment system that allows your customers to send you a payment through your website. The ACHWorks Checkout system is available for both Credit Card and ACH (electronic check payments). Adding online check acceptance or online credit card payments to your website is easy and almost any web developer can do it utilizing a simple HTTP Post.

Don’t worry about security. When the customer clicks the link to pay by credit card or pay by electronic check (ACH) they are transferred to our secured payments system. Once there, all of the sensitive information is stored on or passed through our secured systems. There is also an optional feature for identity verification (Social Security Number, Address, Date of Birth, Identity Questions) as a criteria for validating electronic check payments. Once the customer has submitted the transaction they are forwarded back to your website, too which ever page you designate.

The ACHWorks Checkout system is highly customizable, allowing you to brand the payments pages with your logo, contact information, and terms and conditions. Both the online credit card and online ACH can email you when a transaction is entered and email a receipt to your customer automatically. The credit card and ACH payments post directly into your virtual terminal so you can track the transactions run reports, and edit, delete, or void payments as necessary.

Give your customers the freedom of sending payment to you via online credit card or online ACH transaction. Even if you already accept online credit card payments consider adding online ACH transactions. Adding online ACH transactions or eChecks is easy and can save you significant money over the cost of credit card payments. Give your customers the option to pay using either method and watch your bottom line improve!

ACHWorks Checkout:

ACHWorks Checkout API

ACHWorks Checkout Credit Card API