Credit Card Payments

The virtual terminal for initiating credit card transactions

ACHWorks-CC, the virtual terminal for initiating credit card transactions, is the new web product that supports for Credit Card and Debit Card acceptance. You can accept Credit and Debit card payments through your ACHWorks Virtual Terminal or SOAP Integration just like you do ACH payments. It is available with a stand alone login, or built into your ACHWorks-WEB (ACH Virtual Terminal) login. It has been designed to mimic the tracking and reporting of ACHWorks-WEB so that it will be familiar and user friendly to our existing users. New customers will find ACHWorks-CC to be intuitive and simple to use.

Like ACHWorks-WEB, ACHWorks-CC allows you to accept payments from your website. By simply adding a link to your website to Pay By Credit Card or Pay By ACH, your customers can enter and send payments directly into your Virtual Terminal, both you and your customer will receive email notification confirming the payment. This simple yet effective tool gives your customers another method to remit payment to you in a timely fashion. As usual the ACHWorks Technical Staff can help you integrate these links within your site and support your continued use of the system.

Rates are competitive, Rate matching is available for many businesses that already have a merchant account, and we can support a wide range of businesses so please don’t hesitate to contact your ACHWorks Sales Representative today here.