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ACHFileChex saves you money and labor by automatically verifying ACH files and reporting errors. One ACH file error can result in an entire ACH batch rejection. This ACHWorks product saves you time in manually reviewing ACH batch files for errors, whether an ACH file is generated by the bank, its merchants or third party processors. ACHFileChex aids operations, developers, and end users time when validating, isolating, and correcting ACH entry or file errors.
  • ACHFileChex
  • Validate ACH Files
  • Validate ACH Return Files
  • Checks accuracy and provides detailed analysis of ACH files
  • Analyzes ACH return files
  • Provides error correction in computing hashes and trailer records
  • Same Day ACH Compatable
  • International ACH Transaction (IAT) compatable
  • Summary log for file content confermation